Garbage Disposal Repair in Houston, Texas

Top Appliance Repair provides a superior garbage disposal repair in Houston, Texas. In addition to bringing ease into your kitchen, garbage disposal enables you to reduce the amount of food waste that goes into landfills. This is important for the environment. So, if you have a leaking or clogged garbage disposal, call us to schedule its repair. In addition, we can also fix your other home appliances.

Garbage Disposal in Richmond, Texas

Garbage Disposal Repair for all models and makes

We repair all major makes and models of garbage disposals. For instance, we repair Continuous-Feed garbage disposals. These appliance models operate when an accessory switch or wall is flipped. A baffle or rubber shield contains food in the unit, which enables the disposal to run quietly.

We also repair Batch-Feed garbage disposals. These are activated when the user engages th disposal lid, thereby covering the disposal.

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If you have a clogged or jammed garbage disposal, give us a call right away. Also, call us if your appliance is not working, leaking, or making too much noise. We can easily fix these problems no matter the garbage disposal brand, including Sub Zero, Whirlpool, and LG. We can also perform preventative maintenance on your appliance.

Call us now to schedule a garbage disposal repair service with experienced appliance repair specialists in Houston!